Many superstars have what it takes to go the distance and become World champion, while many won’t. Not everyone can be a star on the level of The Rock or John Cena, but everyone in WWE has their place.

This Four3Four series looks at the ‘ceiling’ that many up-and-coming stars. Our first subject was NXT’s Andrade Cien Almas, and in this edition we will look at one of Smackdown’s newest additions, the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger.

Let’s get started, and see if he’s got what it takes to go the distance.


Well the most obvious thing that Dillinger has on his side is the fact he is over. To be ‘over’ as a babyface in 2017 is no mean feat-just ask Roman Reigns! The fans are clearly on his side, and the ’10’ chants are in the same vein as Daniel Bryan’s YES chants that served him so well.

Dillinger is a very energetic worker. He is yet to have a real breakout match, but the fire he brings in his matches and selling is sensational. The Canadian is a strong seller, which is paramount to the success of a babyface wrestler.

The Perfect 10 gimmick is so simple yet effective. It is something that will likely remain over with the crowd if we are given a steady diet of Dillinger. His mic work is very solid, and it feels that he has only scratched the surface of what he has to offer with this gimmick.

The final positive that Tye Dillinger has is his real-life passion for the business. You can tell by the video packages and some of his promos in NXT that the man behind the character loves pro wrestling. This will always bode well for a performer and it shines through in his work on TV.


While on the surface is would appear Dillinger wouldn’t have many negatives to list, there are some minor factors which may play against him in going the distance in WWE.

The main factor is his age. Dillinger is already in his late 30’s and has just made his main roster debut. While he has been around for years, it has only been in the last 12 months the he has found his way on NXT and on to the bright stage of Smackdown Live.

Something else, which may sound weird, is his gimmick. The Perfect 10 is clearly over, but if you look at the top stars in WWE today, they don’t have a ‘gimmick’ as such. Gimmicked charatcers have a limit to how far they can go. Top stars have clearly defined personalities, but they rarely have ‘gimmicks’.

Can He Go The Distance?

Tye Dillinger is a really good performer, but there are always limits to how far someone with a gimmick such as his can go in WWE. Tie that in with his age and it will be a tough road for him to reach any great heights within the company.

For the time being, you would have to think that Dillinger’s ceiling is somewhere around the midcard title scene. The Perfect 10 is an entertaining gimmick and one that fans love, but it probably does not have main event level appeal. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but for now that’s where his ceiling is.

How far do you think Tye Dillinger can go in WWE? Is he a future titleholder in the company?

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