Former Raw General Manager Mick Foley saw something special in the pairing of Cesaro and Sheamus. They have taken the Monday Night Raw Tag Team division by storm. Capturing the Titles from The New Day, who were the longest reigning tag champs in WWE History. But in recent weeks The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior have become frustrated. Leading them to a breaking point at WWE Payback.

Cesaro and Sheamus challenged The Hardy Boyz for The Raw Tag Team Titles at Payback.  The match was an instant classic. Jeff Hardy even lost a tooth in the process! But, our beloved team fell to The Tag Team Champions. Failing to become 2x Champs.

At first fans thought another act of Sportsmanship would be exchanged between the two teams. They all shook hands and proceeded to go their separate ways. As The Hardyz celebrated their win, Cesaro and Sheamus found that they had had enough. They ran back to the ring and attacked the reigning Tag Team Champions.

The attack was brutal. Jeff Hardy even took a Brogue Kick into the steel ring post. After this vicious act of violence and frustration, Cesaro and Sheamus made their way back up the ramp. Obviously still a cohesive unit. But, a until that had undergone a full heel turn in a matter of minutes.

The Celtic Warrior was still a heel character when Mick Foley paired him with Cesaro. He eventually turned face to match his partner. Since becoming a full Babyface team, the pair have become fan favorites. It was shocking to see them turn completely heel so quickly. Especially when they had just had a very successful run with The Raw Tag Team Championships. But, the anger at the returning Team Extreme (Jeff and Matt Hardy) pushed our beloved team over the edge.

Since The Former Tag Team Champions are now heels, it’s safe to say their days as a tag team may be numbered. Cesaro and Sheamus have been rumored to separate as a tag team for several weeks. It was heavily rumored that they would disband right after WrestleMania last month. But, now that anger and frustration is driving the team, they may explode sooner rather than later.

The Swiss Superman has spent the past year as a face character. Out of the two of them, Cesaro is the one who may be more conflicted about the heel turn. The most likely way that Cesaro and Sheamus will disband will be at the hands of The Swiss Superman. He would likely turn back face sooner than Sheamus, and leave his former brother behind. The Celtic Warrior has always been more successful as a Heel, so it would be surprising if he was the one to turn back face sooner.

No matter how the next few weeks go, it looks like The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Superman won’t be a Tag Team for much longer. They may capture The Raw Tag Team Championships one last time before they officially disband. Will they be the ones to finally defeat The Hardy Boyz? We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.

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