There were rumours this year ahead of Summerslam that Paul Heyman was unsure about contract negotiations with WWE. His contract was expiring and he was apparently not too happy with it as he was only paid on a per appearance basis. However, it was reported that Brock Lesnar told WWE that he wanted Heyman to stay and that they should make it happen, period. And as it is well documented, Lesnar has a great deal of bargaining power and also separate rules for himself. Paul Heyman then had signed a new deal with the WWE.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Paul Heyman had asked WWE about expanding his roles from just an on-screen personality to behind the scenes as well. It is not confirmed as to whether this was stated in his new contract, but it is reportedly something Heyman asked WWE about.

It is also reported that Vince McMahon likes the idea of Heyman being in a creative role again. Heyman was brought into WWE in 2001 after WWE purchased ECW(and WCW) as a commentator beside WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, and then he transitioned into being Smackdown General Manager. He was also the head of creative for Smackdown in the early years of the first rendition of the brand split. During this time, Smackdown was considered the superior show to Raw and even began beating Raw in the ratings. However, Vince McMahon started to take Smackdown stars and put them on Raw in order to help get higher ratings for the red brand. That was a clear testament to how well Smackdown utilised its talent. We are even beginning to see something similar now where Smackdown Live has been doing better than Raw in terms of quality, and it has only been nine weeks into the draft.

Heyman could be a very good creative hand for WWE. This time around, perhaps he could help Raw get some shine as Smackdown Live has already been excelling on its own. Heyman is known to have a great mind in the business and could help Raw to get back the ratings which it has been losing week by week. Either way, Heyman’s contributions to WWE would be very vital.

Heyman said last year before Summerslam that after his stint with Lesnar finishes a few years from now, he would be interested in working at NXT.

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