A Spoiler Free Review of another good episode of Ring of Honor with some big names and good matches. This review is done without spoilers for the following Television Tapings that have already taken place.

The show beings with the ever-popular Young Bucks coming out with Hangman Page, as always, the Bucks are arguably the most over guys on the show. They speak about War of the Worlds and bring out the newest member to the Bullet Club; The Villain Marty Scrull. Marty cuts his promo before stating it’s time for a “Tea Party with Marty”; however Adam Cole interrupts saying he is now the Franchise player in ROH and asks why have a “Tea Party with Marty” when you can have “Storytime with Adam Cole Baybay”. Cole cuts a promo on the Bullet Club and Hangman Page vs Adam Cole is announced for next week. I think we can all expect Cole to take a few losses now in ROH before eventually heading to NXT, however I’m very glad we are getting some fallout from his exit from the Bullet Club.

2017 Top Prospect Winner Josh ‘The Goods’ Woods defeats David Starr in an uneventful match. There could have been half a story here with Starr attacking Woods a few weeks ago, and hopefully it picks back up. I’m personally a fan of the MMA style ‘gimmick’ in professional wrestling.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser cut a promo on Jay Lethal, asking what makes Lethal so special and reminding us of Young’s victory over Lethal in Milwaukee. Lethal interrupts and gets put into a match with the Bruiser. The match eventually ends in a disqualification after Silas Young gets involved on the Bruisers behalf and they both beat down Lethal until Bobby Fish makes the save. Fair to assume a tag team match will be coming our way in the coming weeks.

In the main event of the show Cody Rhodes defeats Frankie Kazarian in a solid matchup. Hangman Page then come to the ring to double team Kazarian until Christopher Daniels made the save.  Before the match Cody cut a promo blaming ROH management for not wanting him to be champion without an ROH Contract. He then forced Colt Cabana on commentary to reinforce what he said on commentary at War of the Worlds; that Cody had Lethal’s shoulders pinned whilst in the figure four.

A few of the storylines seem a bit blurred in ROH at the moment. Cody clearly has unfinished business with Jay Lethal who now is preoccupied with Silas Young who finds himself jealous of all the opportunities afforded to Lethal. However both Lethal and Cody still seem to have unfinished business with the World Champion Christopher Daniels. However on the whole another very good show from ROH.


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