205 Live this week featured special guest ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks, Mustafa Ali finally got the chance to get his hands on Drew Gulak while Austin Aries and Neville had one final confrontation before their submission match at Extreme Rules

The show begins with a video package for Aries vs Neville before the Power Couple of 205 Live Noam Dar and Alicia Fox head to the ring. They make the generic heel degrading comments towards Atlanta and speak further about their relationship and how true love will conquer all at Extreme Rules before they are interrupted by Rich Swan and Sasha Banks. Swann & Banks run down the heels saying their bond comes from dancing, fashion, and getting revenge. Foxy makes a comment about Sasha’s “bootleg weave”, which really comes down to one’s personal taste, personally, I hardly even understood what she meant.

Swann & Dar engage in a rematch of Raw where nothing special really occurred, I understand why Noam Dar slows the match down as a heel, but this is the Cruiserweight division and I’m not sure that belongs on what is meant to be “The Most Exciting Hour on Television”. Eventually Foxy and Banks got into a brawl at ringside where Sasha for all intents and purposes ‘Snatched Foxy Bald?’. That caused a distraction and allowed Dar to hit his finish and pick up a win. When the most exciting part of a match is one ladies’ hair coming out at ringside is the highlight it’s not something you really need to go out of your way to see.

Cedric Alexander picked up a quick squash win in what was a short but fun match. This serves its purpose to reintroduce the audience to Cedric Alexander after his injury.

Mustafa Ali & Drew Gulak finally got their hands on each other in a match, Ali goes straight to the air as Gulak makes his entrance. Ali controls most of the match before his ‘high-risk’ offence doesn’t quite pay off and Gulak is able to pick up the win. This does an effective job of continuing what is quite a good story, Gulak now has more material to brag about in the coming weeks while Ali starts to possibly doubt himself before eventually almost certainly overcoming the odds. For all its problems 205 Live has always conducted very efficient storylines, and this was no expectation.

Austin Aries heads to the ring and immediately plugs his new book, before working the crowd to chant how he made Neville tap out on Raw, just to make sure no one forgets that it’s a submission match at Extreme Rules. The crowd only really becomes fully engaged however when Neville comes out, and the crowd has no problem reminding Neville that he did indeed tap out. Neville vows to destroy Aries once and for all at Extreme Rules, and whilst his promos are not near the best, it was effective enough. Eventually TJP jumps Aries from behind before he and Neville beat Aries down and stand tall to end the show (maybe Gentleman Jack was over getting beat u defending Aries because he was nowhere to be seen).

One would expect Neville to retain at Extreme Rules, and after that surely WWE cannot do another Neville vs Aries match. Expect Aries to move onto feud with TJP while Neville moves onto feud with maybe the returning Cedric Alexander, or depending how much longer the Ali and Gulak feud has, a Neville vs Mustafa Ali feud for the title could be magic.

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