Monday Night Raw saw the fallout from Extreme Rules and began the path to Great Balls of Fire, which remains the greatest PPV name ever. An incredibly strong show from start to finish; one of the better shows of 2017. This show had everything. A great mixture of comedy and intensity from the Miz & Dean Ambrose, Enzo Amore was back to his genuinely funny ways, fans were kept guessing with the Kurt Angle Corey Graves storyline as well as the Enzo Amore & Big Cass attacks. The Women’s Title picture was spiced up and we saw the foundations to a Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt feud. But the star of the show was undoubtedly Samoa Joe; who showed that he is not only a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar, but someone who can carry Monday Night Raw on his back.

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt after Wyatt gave a short promo and a quick brawl. While a match we have seen many times before, this was one of the better matches the two men have had together. There was fears that these two men may be entering yet another feud but it seems but the end of the show with what was to come these fears can be put to rest.

Elias Samson continued to generate heat from the crowd with another song, this time about Dean Ambrose’s failures at Extreme Rules. A feud between the two men is an effective way to establish Samson.

Samoa Joe gave an intense promo before being interrupted by Paul Heyman. This segment was absolutely perfect. Samoa Joe is brilliant on the mic coming across as incredibly dangerous while Heyman is still the best talker in the game, putting over Joe as a credible threat while reminding the fans of Lesnars capabilities. The segment ended with Samoa Joe chocking out Paul Heyman, a move that Heyman confirmed in later backstage spots will infuriate Lesnar further. In one segment Heyman & Joe made this match feel like the biggest thing in the world.

Cesaro & Sheamus beat Heath Slater & Rhyno. While the match was nothing special it further establishes the heel champions with such a dominant victory. It has been reported Matt Hardy missed the show due to his wife Reby being close to giving birth.

TJP defeated Mustafa Ali in quick and convincing fashion. This was all about Neville & TJP however. Neville had promised TJP a title shot, but later said he couldn’t make that happen due to Kurt Angle. Neville then attacked TJP saying the two will meet on 205Live. While Neville vs TJP will be great, both men as heels doesn’t really work and this was by no indication a face turn for Perkins. Mustafa Ali is also capable of so much more than this, they couldn’t have found another competitor to job to TJP in this match, and build Ali up for a title shot along the line.

Goldust & R-Truth gave their promos, and despite it being much the same as what was said last week, having Goldust back in his proper form is really fun. Call me crazy but this feud could actually turn out to be quite good.

Kurt Angle pulled Corey Graves aside during commentary and shared another ‘Private’ Conversation. Still genuinely have no idea where this is heading and that is exciting

Kalisto pinned Titus O’Neil by using the tights, which makes no sense. The whole reason Apollo was unsure of Titus’ victory was because he had to use the tights to beat Kalisto. This was absolutely awful to be fair. Titus also tried to recruit Akira Tozawa to the Titus brand which would be an absolute disaster, Tozawa should be priming himself for a title feud with Neville after winning his big feud with Brian Kendrick; far far away from this mess.

Big Cass was the one who was attacked this week on Raw. He had some gold chains with him, indicating that has something to do with the attacker. Enzo had to find himself a new partner for his tag match with Gallows & Anderson, and he found another seven-footer, The Big Show. Enzo joked around with Big Show, and this was genuinely the funniest Enzo has been in a long time. While Big Show’s promo (what Cass would usually do) wasn’t quite on the mark it’s always fun to see Big Show again. Meanwhile the decision to have Gallows and Anderson take this loss is baffling, for a team as good as the Club they seem to be at the absolute bottom of the food chain on the Raw Tag Team Division. The Revival were also seen again in the background of a backstage segment.

The Miz Championship Celebration was wild and a lot of fun. Miz spoke of the importance of the IC title and announced that his comeback tour was again beginning. There was a giant bear in the ring that after Miz & Maryse realised neither of them had hired, Miz beat the bear down. Maryse had gifted Miz a Grandfather Clock that came to the ring in a giant box, that Miz destroyed paranoid that it was Ambrose before Maryse could say anything. She then stormed off leaving Miz in the ring with a lone camera man, who was actually Dean Ambrose who had snuck back into the building after Kurt Angle had asked him to leave earlier. While not many really want this feud to continue, this was absolutely brilliant. Miz seemed paranoid about the presence of Ambrose and Ambrose was as wild and crazy as ever.

A Women’s Championship match took place between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax after Kurt Angle (& the WWE again) made fun of the This is your Life segment. Bliss, who appeared genuinely terrified of Jax went through the locker room trying to turn the other women against Jax obviously for her own benefit. Mickie James & Dana Brooke appeared at ringside of the match that Nia Jax dominated, before Bliss provoked James & Brooke to attack her, causing the DQ & retaining her title. This was a great segment that showed Alexa Bliss as the cowardly champion, Nia Jax as an absolute monster, and the presence of Mickie James & Dana Brooke provides an interesting and refreshing dynamic to the women’s championship scene.

The main event saw Samoa Joe dominate Seth Rollins. The match was booked after Samoa Joe got into the face of the Raw GM, giving everyone flashbacks of the magic that Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle has been. This was the conclusion to the Joe vs Rollins feud and was used to launch Samoa Joe to another level. While Rollins had his moments of a comeback Joe dominate the match from start to finish. Samoa Joe came out of this match looking as dominant as ever, the monster of the WWE and a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar. Bray Wyatt’s music also distracted Rollins which hints at a Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt feud, which is fresh, new, and sure to be spectacular.

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