205Live aired another very effective episode featuring Noam Dar facing off against Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak continued their feud and Neville defended his Cruiserweight Championship in a fantastic match against TJP.

The show opened with Noam Dar giving a quick promo on his opponent Cedric Alexander. Alexander is one of the more promising stars on 205 Live and picked up the win here in a good match. Cedric has it all, the fans are behind him, he has a fantastic finishing move and some great theme music to boot. Hopefully he can move past this feud with Noam Dar & Alicia Fox and go onto bigger and better things. With Mustafa Ali tied up with Drew Gulak and TJP & Austin Aries now out of the picture, Neville vs Cedric Alexander seems to be the way to go for the Cruiserweight Title into the future

Another man who has it all, including an amazing finishing move and some cool theme music is Mustafa Ali; who continued his story with Drew Gulak. Facing a local talent, Ali made sure to do lots of flips and ‘flying’ no doubt to spite Gulak, who later interfered in the match to distract Ali with his chants and slogans. Ali almost got rolled up but instead won the match with a roll up of his own. Ali then took out Gulak flying through the air cutting his promo running down the crowd short. This storyline is progressing very nicely.

WWE aired a very nice video package for Rich Swann, who it would appear will be returning to prominence on 205 Live in the coming weeks. Titus O’Neil then tried to recruit Akira Tozawa to the Titus Brand. Once again this was terrible. Tozawa should be doing much better, perhaps priming himself for a championship feud with Neville after winning his feud with Brian Kendrick.

The main event saw Neville defend his Cruiserweight Championship against TJP in a fantastic match. A backstage promo by Perkins beforehand after a quick highlight package that included the CWC painting him as a babyface, but his backstage promo quickly fixed that; very effective work. Neville gave an interview just before he went out for his entrance, these interviews still feel a bit awkward and forced; shouldn’t he be more focused on defending his championship against a very credible opponent rather than giving an interview.

WWE did an excellent job making this match feel like a big deal especially considering it was only announced the night before, and Neville was never really ever going to lose to the championship. While both men are heels, TJP did a remarkable job building sympathy as the more ‘face’ of the two, while still remaining a heel; and Neville came across as despicable as ever. Very well done by all involved. The two stars put together one of the better matches in 205Live’s brief history. There was a great finishing sequence, TJP had Neville locked in his knee bar before Neville managed to lock in the Rings of Saturn for the victory.

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