205 Live saw Akira Tozawa take on TJP where Tozawa began to build momentum for what may be impending championship match with Neville, Cedric Alexander faced off with Ariya Daivara in a match where again Noam Dar and Alicia Fox again made themselves known to Cedric, and Austin Aries also addressed his foreseeable future on 205 Live.

Vic Joseph is replacing Tom Phillips for commentary with Corey Graves. A good move that gives Joseph weekly commentary while Phillips is now doing Smackdown as well as NXT.

Backstage Akira Tozawa is approached by Titus O’Neil and Titus again tried to get Tozawa to sign with the Titus Brand. Akira still seems hesitant. Titus says that he got Tozawa a match in the main event against TJP because apparently he can make matches now… The whole “It’s Raining Yen” thing is enough to make one’s ears bleed.

The first match of the show is Ariya Daivari vs Cedric Alexander. The two put on a good math until Noam Dar walks to the ring on Facetime with Alicia Fox. The distraction allows Daivari to execute a roll-up but Cedric gets out and hits the Lumber Check for the win. Unfortunately, it looks like the Cedric Alexander Noam Dar Alicia Fox Program is far from over. hopefully this is just filler until Alexander gets a feud with Neville for the title hopefully at Summerslam, but he could have washed his hands with this feud and just gone on a good winning streak until then.

Austin Aries comes out for his address to the WWE Universe. He says that things haven’t gone ow he’s planned and that he isn’t medically cleared to compete due to a couple of nagging injuries. Tony Nese comes out and interrupts him. The two trade words before Gentleman Jack Gallagher comes out to defend Austin Aries who now seem to be best friends since the feud with Neville & TJP. Nese attacks Gallagher but Gallagher gets the upper hand with his umbrella. Perhaps a Tony Nese vs Austin Aires feud is in the works after a momentary Jack Gallagher Tony Nese feud. Both should be good, Nese is good but seriously needs some character work apart from the guy who looks good and has abs.

A short video package highlighting Mustafa Ali is interrupted by a Drew Gulak No Fly Zone video package. An effective way to remind fans of the feud quickly while not actually on the show. Matches for next week on 205 Live announced are Jack Gallagher vs Tony Nese and Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak. Hopefully this isn’t the blow off match to the Ali Gulak feud as this has potential to go somewhere.

Akira Tozawa faced TJP in the main event. The match began very slowly, almost boring. Things improved once Tozawa picked up the intensity. It’s understandable that TJP as the heel controls and slows the match but the whole point of 205 Live is for fast paced action. Viewers don’t watch 205 Live to see the same matches they can see on Raw or Smackdown, they watch to see fast paced Cruiserweight Action. All matches on 205 Live need to revert more to that formula and away from the current standard. Tozawa picks up the win to build momentum for a potential championship feud with Neville which if given the respect and time it deserves, could be great; as long as it stays far away from the Titus Brand idea which by the post-match antics it unfortunately looks like it may be heading that way.

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