NXT saw the NXT Women’s Championship defended in an eliminated triple threat match between champion Asuka and challengers Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross, as well as Drew McIntyre, the Authors of Pain and the Velveteen Dream in action.

Drew McIntyre squashes Rob Ryzan in what was essentially just a showcase of McIntyre to build some momentum. The commentators did a job good of making him sound like a big deal (which he is) reinforcing the fact that McIntyre is here for one thing only, and that is the NXT Championship.
There is a recap of Ember Moons interaction with Billie Kay & Peyton Royce after Ember Moon got medically cleared, and a match between Moon & Royce is announced for next week. Later in the show a video package highlighting Ember Moon is shown.
A very cool Aleister Black video package is shown. He is genuinely one of the most fascinating characters in the WWE at the moment, and is one incredible wrestler to go with it. Next week Black will face Kassius Ohno in a clash between two of NXT’s biggest stars.
The Authors of Pain crush a local tag team, Akam took out both men all by himself with Rezar never becoming involved until after the match where AOP proceeded to destroy their opponents further. AOP have been built unbelievably strong and well, whoever finally beats them are going to become megastars. After the match Paul Ellering cuts a quick promo talking about AOP’s dominance and how they have beaten every team they have faced, he says that Heavy Machinery will be no different. This brings Heavy Machinery to the ring for a big stare down before Ellering backs his men off.
A video package is shown highlighting Sonya Deville saying that she will be in action next week. Formerly known as Daria her MMA style gimmick which emanates from her legitimate MMA record could go a long way in NXT; she really brings a sense of legitimacy to the NXT Women’s Division. She could make a fantastic foil for Asuka.
The Velveteen Dream picks up a win against Raul Mendoza. Regardless of your opinion of him and his character it is undeniable that he is going to divide opinion, and it will be very interesting to see where he goes from here. Personally, I think the character is unique, fresh and great.
The Main Event is Asuka defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in an elimination Triple Threat Match. Nikki Cross eliminated Ruby Riot before Asuka & Cross brawled out to the backstage area and even outside of the arena, brawling to a no contest. Asuka & Cross seemed to brawl forever and whilst not always the most intense brawl it was great to see women’s wrestling this way. Eventually Nikki Cross hit a crossbody to Asuka sending them both through a bunch of tables in the production area. It appears that NXT is going all in with Asuka vs Nikki Cross as their next feud for the NXT Women’s Championship which should produce some good matches, however Nikki Cross’ association with Sanity makes her a heel and Asuka has also recently turned heel. It will be interesting to see how NXT plays this out.

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