Monday Night Raw saw Samoa Joe take on Roman Reigns, Reigns revealed his big plans for Summerslam and the bombshell reveal of the attacker of Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

The show kicked off with Roman Reigns giving his big announcement for Summerslam, that he will face the winner of Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire for the WWE Universal Championship what will probably be the main event of Summerslam. While many will be upset with the fact Roman has basically just handed himself the number one contender spot for Summerslam, if Brock Lesnar retains at Great Balls of Fire which is highly likely (personally I think Joe should win however) hopefully this means plans have changed and WWE is going with Roman vs Brock at Summerslam as opposed to Wrestlemania 34. Perhaps a fresh challenger for Lesnar at Wrestlemania and perhaps Roman Reigns vs John Cena? Joe came out and the two trade insults with the match made for later in the show. Roman rattled through those he has beaten but seemed to forget one-on-one competition losses to Balor, Rollins and Strowman.

The Hardy Boys defeated Gallows and Anderson, while its good to give the Hardy’s a win its troubling that Gallows and Anderson laid down so easily here. An okay match but nothing really to note.

Finally some progression with Goldust and R-Truth cutting good promos saying they will meet next week on Raw.

Elias Samson came out to sing a song for the crowd. For someone I was very against getting called up Samson has played his role perfectly, he really goes get some good heat on him. Finn Balor interrupted him, getting ready for his match with Bo Dallas. Later in the show Samson attacked Balor while Finn was giving an interview. With Wyatt now busy with Rollins this seems like a good feud for both men, Balor will almost certainly win but that’s okay as Samson, while great, isn’t someone to be pushing too hard at this stage. In the match between Balor & Bo Dallas, Balor picked up what was a convincing win, almost a squash keeping Balor’s momentum rolling; but Bo Dallas would be reenergised later in the show.

Seth Rollins came out to plug the video game saying what a honour it was to be on the cover; while a great babyface this happy-go-lucky Rollins isn’t quite clicking; he’s at his best when he’s an arrogant badass, he can do that whilst still being face. Bray Wyatt interrupted saying his usual thing before coming to the ring, but before he could finish his entrance Rollins dived on him from the top rope (giving himself a nasty cut in the process). This feud has good potential and the ensuing matches should be great.

Akira Tozawa picked up a win to continue to build momentum towards his Cruiserweight Title match defeating TJP. Titus gave the pre-match hype and introductions, still trying to recruit Akira to the Titus Brand. Many people seem to love this Titus Brand thing, I’m certainly not one of them.

Backstage the Miz tries to recruit Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to be his ‘Entourage’, using their past with The Marine Movie and Dallas’ loss earlier as leverage. It is left in the air before the Miz is out in the ring; he apologised to Maryse gifting her back a fixed Grandfather Clock. Dean Ambrose again comes to the ring to spoil the Miz’s time, causing him to bump and spill Champagne on Maryse. Miz and Maryse certainly shouldn’t be splitting up, they are perfect foils for each other and Maryse has been critical to the Miz’s rise to prosperity. Perhaps this is being done to avoid the similarities between them and Mike & Maria Kanellis. Ambrose was jumped by the two Mizbears who revealed themselves to be Dallas & Axel. The Miz did wonders with Damien Sandow when he was floundering, hopefully he can rekindle that magic with these two and make them relevant and important players again, as they should be.

Cesaro & Sheamus beat Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neill. While it’s great to give the Tag Champs a win, why have the just beat Crews & Titus so easily especially if they are trying to make something of this Titus Brand story, this certainly won’t help that endeavour.

Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns by choking him out after a distraction. I understand why WWE did this, but having Joe only win as a result of a distraction is no way to build him for the match with Lesnar. It is Roman Reigns though so we shouldn’t really expect anything less. The distraction as a returning Braun Strowman who returned to Raw with a vengeance, announcing that at Great Balls of Fire he will face Roman in an Ambulance Match. The match makes sense but I’m terrified Strowman is going to lose this return match to allow Roman to build momentum for Lesnar at Summerslam. Perhaps the match ends with no distinctive finish and WWE does a triple threat at Summerslam?

Sasha Banks battled Noa Jax on Raw and while I understand that you need to get the women on the show somehow, and if they didn’t, we all (including me) would have complained about it; they probably would have been better leaving this out. A total mess from start to finish, and we are left with no idea who is doing what in the Raw Women’s Division. The only positive here was Bayley returning with a big of a vengeance to a decent pop, hopefully she isn’t dead after all after the disaster that was Extreme Rules.

The main event saw the reveal of Enzo’s attacker. Kurt Angle was in the ring with all the possible suspects, but eventually the Revival and the Big Show all cleared their names. Corey Graves revealed CCTV Footage of Cass attacking himself, and it was revealed Big Cass was the one who attacked Enzo. This was all pretty well done by all. Cass gave an impassioned promo on Enzo saying how he has always held him back from being a major star, and the impact of this is driven home even harder by the sense of real life truth that comes with it. Enzo was fantastic looking absolutely devastated and even bringing himself to tears. Cass proved here that he will make a fantastic heel on his own. Expect the match to be made for Summerslam where Cass will probably destroy Enzo. Cass can from there go on a solid heel run while Enzo would be perfect for 205Live. He will bring a heavy sense of character and charisma, along with eyes to a show that is so desperately lacking it.

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