205 Live delivered some great in ring action pitting Tony Nese against Jack Gallagher, Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak and the main event seeing Neville take on Rich Swann.

Titus O’Neill again tries to get Akira Tozawa to sign with the Titus Brand but again Tozawa doesn’t bite. Titus offers the Titus Brand to Rich Swann who clearly (and thankfully) isn’t interested.

Tony Nese steals a victory over Jack Gallagher in a match resulting from their interaction last week. Nese faked an injury after going shoulder first into the ring post, as the referee backed Gallagher off Nese rolled him up into the turnbuckle leading to his finishing knee strike for the victory. A good win for Nese over a big name in Gallagher, building momentum for his feud against Austin Aries.

Noam Dar again has Alicia Fox on facetime, Cedric Alexander comes in and again says that he’s done with Fox & Dar despite the fact he clearly isn’t and continues to interject himself with them. Hopefully this feud doesn’t have much left, Cedric Alexander vs Neville for the Championship is Money and would be a great fit for Summerslam. Noam Dar through what he thought was Cedric’s bag into a river at the command of Alicia Fox, that bag however turned out to be Ariya Daivari’s thousand-dollar bag. Perhaps a feud between the two may be on the cards, despite them both being heels.

Mustafa Ali got his win back in a rematch from last week against Drew Gulak. Again, Gulak’s pre-match promo was interrupted by a high flying Ali. Ali went to the top rope but got caught and thrown off by Gulak, showing that high risk does not pay off. Gulak controlled most of the match at a slow pace before Ali caught him with a ‘technical’ rollup for the win. Ali using Gulak’s own style against him for the win was smart, this is an enjoyable feud and will only get better from here. I’ve said it many times before, but Mustafa Ali is absolutely phenomenal.

Backstage Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher agree to form an alliance, despite the fact they basically have been watching each other’s backs for a while now.

Akira Tozawa has a VIP seat set up at ringside courtesy of the Titus Brand for the Main Event which saw Neville defeat Rich Swann in a fantastic match. Definitely one of the better matches in 205 Live’s brief history, Neville & Swann worked an exciting, fast paced match with great elements of story throughout. Neville continues to dominate the Cruiserweight Division while Swann certainly has nothing to be ashamed of after that performance. Interesting that Tozawa didn’t really do anything other than just sit and watch in his Titus Brand set up. It seems the Championship is playing second fiddle to the whole Titus Brand story, which is certainly a bad thing.

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