2K recently revealed some things the fans need to know about the upcoming WWE Game, WWE 2K18. Last week they revealed that Seth Rollins will be the cover star for the game and this week they moved on to the main thing, the features of the game.

2K has revealed that The Showcase Mode will be making a return to WWE 2K18. It will have a storyline for at least 3-4 superstars. The mode was introduced in WWE 2K15, but after using it for 2 years, 2K removed it in their latest released WWE Game, WWE 2K17.

2K also said that they are working hard to make the “My Career Mode” more interesting and difficult. WWE 2K18 will also feature a wider scope of stipulations for matches. Matches like the Ambulance Match, Fatal-5-Way Match and 3 Stages Of Hell Match may feature in the game. It is rumored that Kurt Angle will be a pre-order star in the game. The game is set to release on 17th October this year.