JDF or better known as Jason David Frank aka The Green Power Ranger in Power Rangers, Has made a huge prediction against his dream opponent in the world of MMA.

As many wrestling fans would be aware, JDF the American actor is also a world class MMA Fighter and has been expressing his desire to fight CM Punk for quite some time now.

The fight between the two unfortunately hasn’t been scheduled even tho thousands of fans around the world would like to see it go down. With Floyd and Conor going down shortly we might be lucky enough to see this fight if there’s enough pressure put on it.

Jason David Frank has been extremely vocal expressing his thoughts about CM Pink’s ambition and skill.. or lack of according to Jason. Recently he was questioned why Punk made his MMA debut in the UFC (which is the highest level of MMA fighting)

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“You don’t need to go into the UFC to getcredit”, Frank had previously said. “Go to any cage. Start from the beginning like i started”

Frank added: “I hate when people take shortcuts.”

Jason was speaking at a event to the crowd of fans and was asked the question: “When do you finally face CM Punk… How are you going to defeat him in the first round?”

JDF replied: “He won’t spark because i’m a Power Ranger and i make things spark. He won’t grow into a big monster.” 

“Nobody will be ‘make my CM Punk grow!” so that’s not going to happen. I won’t have the Dragon Dagger, it will be just like old fashioned times.”

“I can’t promise it will go longer than 30 seconds. But if it does happen, it will be great!.”

Whatever happens it’ll be an interesting fight if it goes down!

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