Smackdown Live saw the second night in a row Women have Main Evented a WWE Television Show Carmella once again become Miss Money in the Bank. Assuming Asuka vs Nikki Cross Main Events tomorrow night, that will see three consecutive nights the Women of WWE have Main Evented WWE Television Programming; very well deserved. Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship was announced for Battleground in a Punjabi Prison Match. Smackdown Live also saw the Usos face the Hype Bro’s Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin and Naomi defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Lana.

Daniel Bryan opens the show to his usual big ovation and talks about the two historic women’s matches that are set for the night. Carmella comes out furious at being striped, and actually makes some really good valid points, it’s kind of ridiculous that the briefcase was stripped from her. It has taken all the heat Carmella had at the beginning of last week and turned it on its head, many feel sympathy that she has wrongly been stripped of her briefcase. They have also somehow made Ellsworth hated more than Carmella which surely shouldn’t be the objective, helped with his quite good verbal assault on Bryan. Ellsworth is eventually thrown from the building literally kicking and screaming, which was genuinely hilarious.

The Uso’s defeat the Hype Bros. upon returning from commercial we heard the commentators say how good the match was, before a big splash was hit immediately and the Usos won. Once again, a large ad break completely ruined a good match. After the match the New Day come out. Big E says “At Battleground WE’RE COMING FOR YOU…” before Woods cuts in and says “Uso’s Uso’s”. obviously referencing what happened last night, very well played. The Uso’s accept the challenge for Battleground.

Fashion Files sees Breezango interrogating the Ascension as to why they attacked Tyler Breeze. They say they didn’t attack him, the only reason they were at Money in the Bank was because they wanted a match on the card, which actually kind of makes sense. While interrogating them Breezango find their office trashed yet again.

Naomi defends the Smackdown Women’s Championship against Lana with ease. Lana starts the match by jumping Naomi and hits her sit out spine buster type finisher, but Naomi kicks out and then quickly hits a big kick and a Split Legged Moonsault to pick up the win in a matter of minutes. This is weird. Where Lana goes from here I have no idea. Naomi kicked out of Lana’s best move and then won easily, I see no reason for a rematch or continuation of this feud.

Aiden English was out to sing but was quickly interrupted by Randy Orton, who again in the commercial break hit English with an RKO that we only saw after the commercial. Orton demands a rematch for the WWE Championship and says if he doesn’t get what he wants he’s going to “beat the holy hell” out of Jinder Mahal every time he sees him. Orton seems to forget where Smackdown Live is next week (which is Phoenix). Shane McMahon hits the ring and announces that Jinder Mahal will face Randy Orton again for the title, but the stipulation will be of Jinder Mahal’s choosing. Jinder hits the ring and announces that the match will take place in a Punjabi Prison. Absolutely fantastic.

A Battle Royal is announced for next week and the winner will face Kevin Owens for the US Title at Battleground. Somehow Owens is upset at that decision, despite the fact he was doing open challenges anyway, and AJ Styles is happy about this even though he still has a legit argument for a rematch for the title after Backlash.

Mike & Maria Kanellis come out on the entrance way for a promo but are quickly interrupted by Sami Zayn making his way to the ring for his match against Baron Corbin. Corbin defeats Zayn to seemingly end their feud after Zayn had beaten Corbin their last few matchups. Nakamura is shown watching the match backstage and after the match gives a interview. Look like it will be Corbin vs Nakamura moving forward along with Zayn against Mike Kanellis.

Carmella wins the Women’s Money in the Bank contact once again in a fantastic match! Ellsworth came out despite being thrown out of the building to try and climb the ladder again, but Becky Lynch threw him off the ladder to take him out. Becky looked to have it won in a great false finish but Carmella was able to cut her off, Becky hurt her leg falling off the ladder for Carmella to take a steel chair to Becky’s injured leg. Tamina was laid out while Natalya & Charlotte battled up into the crowd. Carmella is once again Miss Money in the Bank, and now she can brag even more about it. Fantastic work. Carmella and her character along with Ellsworth is perfect for the Money in the Bank Contact.



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