205 Live this week saw Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari vs Cedric Alexander, along with a confrontation between Cruiserweight Champion Neville and his opponent at Great Balls of Fire Akira Tozawa.

205 Live begins with Gentleman Jack Gallagher taking on The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick comes out and actually wrestles in a suit mocking Gallagher all the way. Kendrick gets disqualified by beating down Gallagher with his umbrella. Seems like this is the next feud for both men, both men can be comedy gold and are sure to put on quite good matches together.

Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali face each other once again. After a decent match Drew Gulak finds himself in a position where he can go to the top rope. The way his legs were shaking as he went to the top was brilliant, he went for a high flying big splash but missed. High flying didn’t pay off for him here as Ali executed a nice pinning combination, ground based, for the win. Gulak high flying but coming up empty and then losing to a ground based wrestling move is just perfect booking. This feud continues to be absolutely excellent.

Backstage Noam Dar apologises for throwing Ariya Daivari’s expensive bag into the river. Daivari says that money is nothing to him because he has so much of it, but as revenge smashes Dars phone. The way Noam Dar was talking about Alicia Fox driving him insane was hilarious. Ariya Daivari defeats Cedric Alexander after a distraction from Noam Dar. After the match Dar attacks Alexander and then says that he and Fox are finished with Alexander. Somehow I find that hard to believe.

Neville heads to the ring to address the WWE Universe. He talks about Akira Tozawa and their match at Great Balls of Fire, and how Tozawa will fall just like all who came before him. Tozawa interrupts him doing his war cry scream in a back and forth with Neville. Tozawa takes down Neville with a series of kicks, standing tall to end the show.

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