One of WWE’s greatest all time characters is without a doubt The Undertaker. Unfortunately it appears that the legend’s career may be over after the end of Wrestlemania 33 and his loss to Roman Reigns.

The Deadman left his iconic ring gear in the middle of the ring before bowing out of Orlando and the WWE for what looked to be his last time.

This leaves many fans saddened, as there were still plenty of epic matches left to be had between the Phenom and many superstars past and present.

Here are our top five Undertaker matches that we missed out on at Wrestlemania following his retirement.

5. The Undertaker vs Finn Balor


Certainly the most recent addition to this sort of discussion, Balor is one of the best performers on the WWE roster today.

The former NJPW and NXT standout would have been a perfect foil for Taker. The two both present dark characters, with Balor’s ‘Demon’ persona being a highlight of wrestling in recent years.

While neither two are the type of superstar to carry a 15 minute promo, the expectation and stand-offs between the Demon and the Phenom would have been a sight to behold.

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