4. The Undertaker vs The Rock

There’s only one word to describe how this Mania rivalry would have played out: ELECTRIFYING.

While these two Attitude Era megastars did cross paths on many occassions during their tenures with WWE, they never faced off on the grand stage of Wrestlemania.

The match would have been a bonafide main event on any card, the build-up would have been insanely entertaining, and fans would have been split right down the middle as two of the greatest of all time squared off on the biggest stage in the sport. Now that is money.

3. The Undertaker vs AJ Styles

Without a shadow of a doubt, AJ Styles is the best professional wrestler in the world today. Despite what some people’s 6.25 star ratings may say, nobody is on the level of the Phenomenal One.

Well, could you imagine not only the match but the feud that the Phenom would have had with Styles?

There are literally no words to say how good this match could have been with both men at their primes, as they are both ultimate professionals who know exactly what it takes to get the fans invested and get the job done on a big stage.

2. The Undertaker vs Sting

For years, this was the consumate dream match for wrestling fans across the globe. Whether you were a fan of WWE, WCW or TNA (or all three), you always wanted to see these two face off, and what better place for it than the bright lights of Wrestlemania.

For years fans clamoured to see The Icon in WWE, and in 2014 those wishes came true. However, Sting’s run ended prematurely after a neck injury, and this match was never able to come to fruition.

Whether it came in more recent times or twenty years ago, there is no doubt this match would have stolen the show.

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