It’s being reported that WWE officials are in strong talks of bringing back the Elimination Chamber PPV for the road to WrestleMania next year.

The PPV would feature a SmackDown Chamber match & a Raw Chamber match just like old times.

The last time we saw the Elimination Chamber match was at the Network Special Elimination Chamber in mid-2015 where the Chamber match was for the Intercontinental Championship with former WWE Star Ryback winning.

WWE originally got rid of the match because it was too hard to find arenas to actually fit the chamber itself, but WWE are currently looking for a suitable arena for the road to WrestleMania in 2017.

This would be a huge step forward in WWE’s books since the Elimination Chamber always made WrestleMania season feel more special rather than the Fastlane PPV, which hasn’t been that great over the past 2 years.

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