WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has teased a big feud which is with a returning star of WWE. Mahal teased a feud with the free agent, John Cena, who is returning to Smackdown this week.

Mahal mocked John Cena on his Instagram account using some of Cena’s catchphrases. He posted a picture of himself with the caption ” You can’t see me”. Mahal also included a hashtag in his post which said “#BigMatchJinder.” Both of these phrases are often used by John.

John Cena is returning to Smackdown on 4th Of July, which is the independence day of America. The WWE Champion acts like an antI USA heel. Cena is the guy mostly used by WWE to beat guys with Anti-USA gimmicks. Could it be a hint that these 2 will be feuding soon on the blue brand?

Below is the screenshot of the post in which Jinder Mahal mocked John Cena: