205 Live saw the final build for the Cruiserweight Championship Match at Great Balls of Fire between the Champion Neville and the Titus Brands Akira Tozawa. Also, Gentleman Jack Gallagher battled Tony Nese and TJP faced Rich Swann.

Titus O’Neil comes out as the biggest Cruiserweight of all time, dressed looking hilariously ridiculous talking about The Titus Brand and Akira Tozawa. Neville interrupts and refers to what Titus got Apollo Crews into last night against Braun Strowman. Neville then defeats Lince Dorado in convincing fashion. The Tozawa vs Neville feud has unfortunately been more about Titus than Tozawa going for the Cruiserweight Championship. It would be great if on Raw Neville could have a match and defeat Titus O’Neil. It would be a great way to begin the process of having some Cruiserweight vs ‘Heavyweight’ matches and give Neville a good dominate win.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher defeats Tony Nese after Nese tries for the same fake injury trick he won with last week, but this time Gallagher was aware of the trick and didn’t fall for it. After the match, The Brian Kendrick appears on the big screen and gives the ‘History of Britain’ insulting both the British and Gallagher. The impending Gallagher vs Kendrick feud should be a fantastic mid-card feud for 205 Live.

Backstage Noam Dar says he is finished with Cedric Alexander and he wants to go for the Cruiserweight Championship. Alicia Fox disagrees though and tells Noam Dar that their problem with Cedric Alexander is not finished until Alexander is gone from 205 Live.

Rich Swann picks up a victory over TJP in the Main Event after a sequence of nice Pinning Combinations. A very good match between two of the best in the Cruiserweight Division. This in-between Face & Heel version of TJP is great and has the potential to be a fascinating story moving forward.


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