The upcoming game in the WWE 2K Series, WWE 2K18 has created the hype among fans since Seth Rollins was announced as the cover star of the game. Fans have their hopes high for a classic as 2K is only focusing to release it for the new gen consoles.

2K revealed some interesting features which will be part of WWE 2K18. Here is what will be added and what will be upgraded:

• The graphics engine has been given a complete overhaul.

• Number of wrestlers in the ring at once has been bumped up from 6 to 8.

• Battle Royals and Royal Rumble matches have been given a complete overhaul with new mechanics.

• 8 man tag matches and 8 man ladder matches added to the game.

• Backstage Brawls have been expanded and they consider them “free roam” now. Online Backstage Brawls added.

• WWE Universe mode given a complete overhaul to match the current brand split we see on TV.

• My Career given a brand new and serious story mode.

• New game mode called “Road to Glory” added but no details were released yet.

• Submission system reworked.

• New “carrying” system that lets you carry wrestlers around the ring and then perform a variety of moves including powerslams, powerbombs etc.

• Promo engine reworked.

• Create a match is back and features interactive items and win conditions which can be turned on and off apparently.

• Intergender wrestling is back.

• Creation suite given a big upgrade apparently.

• Jojo is now the announcer for WWE 2K18.

• New Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton.

This is still a few of them. More features are yet to be revealed in the trailer next week. Fans will surely be happy to spend money on the game this time.