Recently Mr Paul Heyman was interviewed by The Sun and Heyman was asked if Brock Lesnar would be interested in facing The Rock. Paul Heyman had the following to say in regards to the question which is highlighteed below:

“Notice how The Rock picks fights with Bray Wyatt, or fights with Rusev and John Cena? Notice how The Rock doesn’t pick a fight with Brock Lesnar? Is Brock Lesnar ready for The Rock? Is The Rock ready for Brock Lesnar?”

Mr Paul Heyman was also asked if The Rock vs. Lesnar would sell out a WrestleMania if they were to go head to head. Paul Heyman responded with the following remarks:

“I find it insulting that you would say that in front of Brock. I think Brock Lesnar against anyone is an automatic sell-out. Brock does not wrestle 52 Monday’s a year on Monday Night Raw, he does not come to your home town every week, his appearances are rare. They are unique and extraordinary. Which is why, whenever Brock Lesnar appears it is a rare and unique opportunity for the paying customer to see the greatest living athlete in the history of WWE appear live in an extraordinary event that only Brock Lesnar can deliver on. This is why he is the greatest box office attraction.”

If you would like to read the full interview click here.

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