For just the third time in WWE history, the Tag Team Championships were on the line in an Iron Man match. Sheamus and Cesaro were able to best the Hardy Boyz and walk out with their reign still in tact after a wild 4-3 match.

Sheamus and Cesaro got the first fall of the match in quite possibly the quickest first fall in an Iron Man match in history. Cesaro distracted Matt Hardy and the Celtic Warrior hit him with a Brogue Kick for the first pinfall in 16 seconds.

The tag team champions were resilient in their attack on Jeff Hardy as they began an onslaught. A double-team move led to Sheamus picking up the second fall for his team.

Just as it looked like the Hardy Boyz would fall in a big hole, a little bit of Poetry in Motion helped Jeff Hardy get the pinfall.

Sheamus and Cesaro were dominant throughout the entire match, but even with a 2-1 lead, they wanted a little more security for themselves. The champions got that in the form of another fall after the younger Hardy was counted out.

The Hardy Boyz continued to fight in the match and a Twist of Fate from Jeff Hardy was what they needed to cut the score down to 3-2. The brothers worked together to tie the match up and it was finally a big Twist of Fate off the top rope that did the trick.

The challengers continued to fight in the match, but even a high-flying, double team move could not give them their first lead of the match.

Cesaro hit Jeff Hardy with a Swanton Bomb and picked up the definitive fall to help his team hold on to the Raw Tag Team Championships.

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