The Raw Women’s Championship was on the line between champion Alexa Bliss and challenger Sasha Banks, who won her opportunity in a gauntlet match just a few weeks before. It was the Boss that pulled out the win, but it was the Goddess of WWE who walked out with her championship.

Bliss unleashed an onslaught early on in the match and seemed to dominate. She even suckered Banks in by using her double-jointed elbow.

Bliss was relentless in her attack on Banks and she did not stop for anything.

Banks started to make a comeback in the title match and looked like she was going to win her fourth championship in WWE. She was able to lock on the Bank Statement and tried to make Bliss tap out.

Bliss finally decided she had had enough of Sasha Banks and turned her back on the Boss. She stayed outside the ring and took the countout loss, meaning she would walk out still the champion.

However, this did not sit too well with Banks. She attacked Bliss to show she wanted the Raw Women’s Championship. She hit Bliss with her patented double knees off the announce table.

It certainly looks like this feud is not ending anytime soon.

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