The Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view ended with one of the most anticipated matches by the entire professional wrestling community as Brock Lesnar defended the Universal Championship against Samoa Joe. The champion was able to withstand an early attack from Joe to walk out with the red belt.

Joe wasted little time taking out his frustrations on The Beast as he attacked the champion before the bell even rang. The Destroyer threw Lesnar all over the ringside area and even put him through a table before the bell finally rang.

Joe continued to dominate Lesnar, but the Universal Champion finally turned things around. He got behind Joe and lifted him high into the air for a big German Suplex, the first of three in a matter of minutes.

It looked like Joe was visiting Suplex City for a fourth time, but the Samoan Submission Machine was able to distract the referee and lowblow Lesnar. This allowed Joe to lock on the Coquina Clutch.

Lesnar worked his way out of the modified rear-naked choke and slipped behind Joe once again. The Universal Champion again hit the challenger with two suplexes.

Joe did not let that deter him, however, as he somehow locked on the Clutch once again. Lesnar was fading and even dropped to his knees, but he somehow lifted Joe up onto his shoulders and hit him with an F-5 to hold on to his Universal Championship.

Where will this lead as WWE gets ready to head into Summerslam next month? Only time will tell!

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