We have been reporting on TNA lately with the sale that’s likely to happen well more news has been leaked, Sunday’s TNA Bound for Glory event is in jeopardy now because the company doesn’t even have the funds to broadcast the show!

Every dirtsheet, Facebook page and numerous people on Twitter have been reporting that the WWE is back in the bidding war for the company, which is strong indication that the company could be coming to an end once and for all sadly. WWE apparently just wants the video library and has no intentions on keep the company afloat which honstly makes sense since a lot of former TNA stars are now in the WWE / NXT. The company would use the library for WWE Network needs and future DVDs which would be fantastic.

It’s well known that Billy Corgan is a front runner in purchasing the company but there’s some bad news because TNA needs the money by Friday morning to keep the company afloat, and not months from now when a deal with Corgan would and could be finalized.

One of the problems with keeping TNA up and running is that the company has a lot of previous debt. It’s being said that TNA owes millions and millions, more then what the company would even sell for which is crazy just to think about it. If Billy Corgan ends up buying TNA, he plans to restructure it and even re-name the brand which i think a lot of people would do.

Dixie Carter is free to sell the company whoever she wants to at the end of the day, as she owns 70% of the company. It should be a very interesting week for TNA which we will keep you informed when more of the story is released.

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