After Great Balls of Fire WWE made the trip from Dallas to Houston Texas for Monday Night Raw. A huge number one contender match was made for next week as Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe & Roman Reigns provided one of the more intense segments in recent memory. In-ring action saw Bray Wyatt Take on Seth Rollins in a rematch from Great Balls of Fire, The Revival returned as the Hardy Boys faced Gallows and Anderson, Goldust & R-Truth as well as Finn Balor & Elias Samson finally got their hands on each other and much more.

Big Cass opens the show with a promo stating that he wants the Universal Title and wants to main event Wrestlemania. It’s really nice to see someone want nothing more than Wrestlemania & the world title. His gimmick seems to be strongly based off him being seven feet tall. He talks about how he destroyed Enzo and is putting Enzo behind him. Big Show interrupts him and the crowd is right behind him, the two clash and Big Show stands tall. Big Show makes perfect sense for Cass’ first feud after Enzo, but I was hoping to see Enzo get at least another shot at Cass. Hopefully Enzo isn’t forgotten and can give the Cruiserweight Division some much needed personality.

Elias Samson suffered his first loss on the main roster against Finn Balor. A nice simple match, whether this feud continues or not is hard to say. Regardless hopefully WWE has something decent planned for Balor going into Summerslam.

The Hardy’s give a promo with included a lot of very obvious ‘Broken’ mannerisms, surely the Broken Gimmick isn’t far off. Remember what happened last time Matt Hardy tasted his own blood? Michael Cole gave away on commentary earlier that the Hardy’s had a match, before Gallows & Anderson interrupted and of course a match was set. The Good Brothers say that they aren’t the Hardy Boys of old, just the old Hardy Boys. Gallows & Anderson win the match in a smart move, The Club desperately need wins and The Hardy’s aren’t hurt from the loss after being beaten up at Great Balls of Fire. After the match, The Revival return and attack the Hardy’s, it’s so great to see them back; The Revival vs The Hardy Boys could be magic together.

The Miz hosts WWE’s newest awards show the ‘Mizzies’. Despite this sounding like garbage, only The Miz could make this pretty good like he did, once again he has nailed his work on the microphone. Corey Graves also sold this quite well on commentary. The crowd gave Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel “You Deserve It” chants for inning their awards which was quite funny. Dean Ambrose interrupted and went straight after Miz but was quickly beaten down by Dallas & Axel. Seth Rollins made the save and the two former Shield Brothers stood tall, but backstage Ambrose made it clear he does not trust Rollins and doesn’t want him in his business.

Bayley and Sasha Banks battled Nia Jax and Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss in a rematch from the other week. Alexa Bliss does her best to avoid Sasha Banks during the match, a nice continuation of their feud. Alexa’s heel work is absolutely perfect. Bayley got the pin over the champion indicating that perhaps she could be in line for a title shot down the track. Nia Jax continued to look dominant as always. Perhaps this could lead to a Fatal Four Way between these women at Summerslam or further into the future?

Goldust and R-Truth finally do battle together. The heel Goldust rightfully won the first encounter. It’s nice watching Goldust wrestle on Raw again and Truth can still really go in the ring. This however did not seem as hot as maybe it should have. Slightly underwhelming.

The Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe segment was absolutely perfect. Roman was great on the mic, gave the perfect response to what happened at Great Balls of Fire, showing no remorse or regret and calling out Lesnar for not being there each week. Lesnar laughed at Roman telling him he doesn’t deserve “s**t”. Samoa Joe was incredibly intense, getting right in both Roman and especially Lesnars face. Paul Heyman tried to play up Roman and discredit Samoa Joe saying Joe will never have another title shot, & Joe responded brilliantly telling Lesnar that Heyman is nervous, doubting and trying to protect him. Everything about this was incredibly intense and just perfect. Joe & Lesnars confrontation was on fire, easily the highlight of the show, cannot speak highly enough of this segment.

Kurt Angle announces that next week it will be Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe in a Number One Contenders match for Brock Lesnars Universal Championship at Summerslam. It would be great to see Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar II, but perhaps Braun Strowman returns and gets involved setting up a huge Fatal Four Way Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman Title match at Summerslam.

An ‘I Quit’ match for 205 Live is announced between Noam Dar & Cedric Alexander, finally this feud is going to end (hopefully). Cruiserweight action saw Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar & Neville. Tozawa got the win for his team pinning Neville almost identical to how Neville retained his title at Great Balls of Fire. It seems the Tozawa vs Neville feud is going to continue into Summerslam.

In a Great Balls of Fire Rematch Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins once again. A far better match than the two produced at the PPV, this was a match worthy of its main event spot. Despite his awful booking, Wyatt has now beaten at top guy the calibre of Rollins twice in two nights; hopefully this is the beginning of a well overdue push for Wyatt (despite him being world champion going into Wrestlemania).

Corey Graves earlier in the show had left commentary to see Kurt angle about the texting drama. The show ends with Kurt Angle saying that he must come clean and that next week all is going to be revealed. He says he is worried about both his family and his career. Kurt ends the show by telling the person on the phone “I love you”. This has been such an intriguing angle and no one really knows where this is heading; seeing where all of this goes is worth tuning in next week alone. A great cliff hanger to end the show.


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