205 Live once again nailed its storytelling this week by again advancing its major storylines with Neville getting involved in Akira Tozawa’s match, Drew Gulak again perfecting his “No High Flying” gimmick, TJP continuing to show his jealous side and The Brian Kendrick again showing his vicious side. 205 Live also saw the cumulation of the Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar feud with an ‘I Quit’ match.

The opening contest of Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari ends in a Disqualification after Neville brutally attacks Tozawa. It would seem the Tozawa vs Neville feud is far from over and is probably heading for Summerslam. Hopefully this feud can really kick into overdrive as the two were able to put on a good match together at Great Balls of Fire.

Drew Gulak issues an apology for ‘High Flying’ 2 weeks ago in his match with Mustafa Ali. This was hilariously done in a Political Campaign kind of way; this whole feud has been fantastic. Gulak issues a challenge for a two-out-of-three falls match next week between the two and the match is made official.

Rich Swann defeats Mario Conner’s in a quick but good match with TJP at ringside. Conner was very impressive, hitting a beautiful DDT before Swann got the win with the Phoenix Splash. After the match TJP says that he can outdo Swann and beat Conner’s quicker than he did, after Conner’s had already been through a match of course.  The match was made and TJP beat Conner’s in about 30 seconds in a match similar to a Beat The Clock Challenge. While this really highlighted how short some 205 Live matches are, it was a nice innovative way to advance the Swann/TJP story, and this jealous almost in-between TJP has been fantastic so far.

The Brian Kendrick comes out as Gentleman Jack Gallagher and insults him brilliantly on the mic. Gallagher responds with a great passion and intensity that we hadn’t really seen from him yet. The two brawl but Kendrick gets the upper hand and destroys Gallagher using his own Umbrella. Again a very good advancement of their story and progression of their feud. Once again 205 Live has nailed their storylines here.

The main event saw the cumulation of the Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar feud with the two battling in an ‘I Quit’ Match. While certainly not the best I Quit match we’ve ever seen, this was a nice ending to the feud. Cedric targeted Noam’s hand trapping his fingers in between the turnbuckle in a nice creative spot. Cedric showed a new vicious side of him which was nice to see, eventually winning by forcing Noam to say “I Quit” with his hand trapped in a steel chair. Post-match, Noam Dar gave a great promo breaking up with Alicia Fox, saying that he used her and sounding incredibly selfish, leaving Alicia Fox in tears. Hopefully this is the beginning of an eventually title shot for Cedric Alexander, and hopefully Noam Dar can propel himself to even greater heights.

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