It has become more and more common to see your favorite Independent wrestlers sign with WWE more that other promotion, so it should come at no surprise that WWE have set their sights on another top independent star

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that Rush could be heading to NXT sooner rather than later. The 22-year-old has been on WWE’s radar for some time, and it looks like a deal has been offered to Lio Rush

Rush who gave his notice to ROH back in March, has since been working for EVOLVE who have a strong connection with WWE as well as working with CZW, where he is a former World Champion. It is being reported that Rush will work his last CZW show on August 5th, after which he will prepare to make his jump to the WWE. Rush has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center numerous times over the last few months.

I for one look forward to seeing Lio Rush inside a WWE ring and can’t wait to see what this Rising star of the wrestling business can do, with the right guidance he could well and truly become a breakout star in the WWE.

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