As I’m sure by now you have heard that WWE’s weekly show, Talking Smack, has been cancelled and will now only be aired after SmackDown PPVs.  It seems that hosts Daniel Bryan and Renee Young were not informed of this decision.

In a recent posting on Twitter, Daniel Bryan displayed his frustration with the miscommunication.

And not only was Daniel Bryan not informed of this monumental change to programming, host Renee Young was also not informed and had to find the news out from Twitter as well.

This change doesn’t affect Daniel Bryan much, as he is still the General Manager for SmackDown Live.  But as for host Renee Young, she doesn’t have much going for her other than backstage interviews and hosting the Kickoff shows for PPVs.  Rumors are also swirling that her own WWE Network show, “Unfiltered” has also been cancelled.

In this writer’s opinion, this was a horrible way for 2 dedicated members of the WWE Staff to find out their show and basically their own creation was gone from programming.  Renee Young’s responsibilities are slowing disappearing, and she is one of the best personalities behind the microphone.  No one deserves to hear this news from Twitter, especially the people who worked for the show.

Check back for continuing updates on this story, as this is a developing story.

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