Over the last number of weeks, we have seen Kurt Angle and Corey Graves involved in a story line trying to Hide Kurt’s big secret, On Monday we will finally found out.

On the most recent episode of Bischoff On Wrestling Podcast with Eric Bischoff.  In the episode, Bischoff says that the person that is coming to Monday Night Raw next week to join Kurt Angle to confess is none other than Former TNA president Dixie Carter. The following is a transcript from the podcast:

Bischoff: Uhh, alright…I’m sure I’m going to be burning a bridge with this one, because I’m not supposed to know about this. And hopefully, nobody gets into any trouble over this because leaks happen, right? But you remember the storyline with AJ and Claire?

Hausman: Oh my god, yeah. How could you forget?

Bischoff: WWE is ripping that off. Dixie is Claire and Kurt is AJ.

Hausman: Wow. So, you’re saying Dixie and Kurt have been having an affair? He’s been cheating on his wife?

Bischoff: I’m saying the story line, that everyone is alluding to, is shockingly familiar to AJ and Claire.

for those who are unfamiliar with the story line, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels claimed they had evidence that Styles was having an affair with Dixie Carter, but they were helping a mutual friend in Claire who was pregnant.

Claire would claim that the baby is AJ’s and tries to blackmail him. Due to a negative reaction from fans, Impact stopped the story line quickly and revealed that the baby was not AJ’s before dropping the story line completely

It will be interesting to see if what Bischoff is saying is try and if we really will see Dixie Cart show up on WWE TV, I personally find it hard to believe this story as while Dixie has taken a smaller roll in TNA she is still involved with the company. I for one can’t see WWE giving TNA free promotion by having her appear on Monday Night Raw. I could be wrong and Come Monday we could very well see Dixie Carter appear inside a WWE ring.


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