Alberto El Patron, fka Alberto Del Rio,  has really been on the news lately due to his speculated domestic violence case having to do with WWE superstar Paige. For that reason,  GFW decided to suspend El Patron indefinitely until his talked about case is settled. Rumors came out that GFW Officials didnt know whether to keep Alberto or release him. Now , more has come out that adds to that.

Before his suspension, EL Patron was in a main storyline with LAX that was to culminate at Bound For Glory with Alberto most likely joining the group . Now with no timetable for his return,  GFW is looking for someone to replace El Patron in the storyline.

According to reports,  GFW is looking at 2 names for the job.  One being REY MYSTERIO for the easy fit he would be ,  his relationship with Konnan , and a big boost for ratings . The other big name GFW is looking to is former WWE SUPERSTAR RYBACK .  But , due to his requirements and pay he would want , this option seems unlikely . Agaun , this is just rumors nothing official.

In my personal opinion,  if they can even get a chance a gettin Rey for this , it would be overall they’re biggest star maybe since AJ . To what I know,  he’s currently in Lucha Underground so i dont see it happening.  And I heavily believe they should release / fire Alberto for obvious reasons .Let me know what you think about this.



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