Bill Goldberg is rumoured to not only be part of Wrestlemania 34, he could very well return this year.

According to the Wrestling Observer Goldberg might have another comeback story. Not only is his merchandise selling pretty well, he is still one of the most loved wrestlers today.

On his last run, he excited not only the long time fans, even kids loved him. His short appearances at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 33 left a huge impact.

Dave Meltzer noted that his promos he cut were very strong and Goldberg left the WWE on good terms. Meltzer also said that WWE didn’t even want to let him go.

Who is Goldberg anyway?

For those who don’t know:

Bill Goldberg started Wrestling at WCW in 1997. His undefeated streak with 173 wins in a row is legendary. He was one of the biggest stars of WCW.

In 2003, he debuted the night after Wrestlemania 19 in a segment with The Rock. In the same year he started a feud against Triple H where he became World Heavyweight Champion. At Wrestlemania XX he had his last WWE match for 12 years against Brock Lesnar.

In 2016, Goldberg returned and challenged Brock Lesnar to a rematch, which he won in one minute and 26 seconds. At Fast Lane in march he even became the Universal Champion. Then he lost the title at Wrestlemania 33 against Brock Lesnar. The last time we saw Goldberg was at Raw after Mania.


My two cents!

If Goldberg is really going to return, i hope he won’t become Universal Champion again. Who could he feud with? The first man who comes to my mind is Roman Reigns. Two big guys who could deliver a short but intense match. Even if Reigns isn’t a heel, he could take this part in that match. “The battle of the Spears” would be a great special attraction right before the main event.

The WWE didn’t confirm this comeback yet, but the lack of “big names” makes it possible that Goldberg could return.


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