Words have definitely been fired from both sides this week after GFW and the Hardy Boys are still attempting to come to an agreement on the “Broken Gimmick.”

At last report from PWInsider.com, both sides had come to a tentative agreement.  The only issue is GFW owner Ed Nordholm has yet to sign the document.  If Nordholm does not sign off on this alleged agreement, the Hardy Boys “will have no other recourse then to file a lawsuit seeking ownership of the Broken Gimmick.”

Everything on the Broken Gimmick front had been relatively quiet over the last few weeks, until a conference call with GFW during which Jeff Jarrett claimed the Hardys do not have the rights to use the “Broken Gimmick.”  This prompted rebuttal from Matt and Reby on Twitter.

Looking ahead, this can all be solved with Ed Nordholm signing off on the alleged agreement.  But with the comments made by Jarrett during the GFW conference call, this situation may be far from over.  Lawsuits have already been threatened and the Hardys may have information up their sleeve as Matt tweeted in a very cryptic message.

Honestly, in my opinion.  Global Force Wrestling, Ed Nordholm, Jeff Jarrett, and everyone involved with all the stalling and holding ownership of gimmick from the Hardys should fade away and classify themselves as Obsolete, because that’s how they’ve been for years.

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