As we all know, the “Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament” is underway and fans are loving the tournament as we’ve seen spectacular matches. Amongst the spectators of the matches was three of “The Four Horsewomen” of WWE, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Bailey but no Sasha Banks.

According to Sasha didn’t appear at the tournament due to doing press in Australia. During Sasha’s press conference she was asked who her favourite male wrestler was, she wasn’t prepared for that kind of question so she gave three of her favourites; Roman Reigns, Cesaro and AJ Styles. But is what caught the attention of many is what Sasha had said about Roman during the conference; Sasha quoted “Whether you guys love him, boo him, hate him – I think all the guys are jealous of him. He is an incredible athlete. He’s one to watch. He does it and kills it every single week.”

Now I don’t know whether to agree or disagree on her comments about Roman Reigns. Sure, some of the WWE Universe will disagree and will state that they don’t want him shoved down their throats when they’re sick of him receiving title shot after title shot when they believe he’s not ready. Dispute what I said about him being shoved down the throats of the WWE Universe that has got them riled up and give him heat, the fans believe that he needs to change his attire and drop the “I’m still stuck in the past being part of the shield” business, change his music, change his move set and most of all; turn him heel.

I, personally believe that the fans of WWE will get behind Roman Reigns in the future when he’s turned heel and dropped this whole gimmick he has and changed himself completely.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Sasha? Or disagree with her?

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