The Bracket for the Finals of the WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup have been announced and the Round of 16 is going to feature some stellar matches to determine who will progress in their quest to represent their country as the first ever Pro Wrestling World Cup winner.

WCPW will return to Milton Keynes in the Planet Ice Arena on August 23, 2017 for the Round of 16. The matches for this event are as follows:

KUSHIA (Japan) vs Kenny Williams (Scotland)

USA Finalist #2 vs Zack Sabre Jr (England)

Hiromu Takahashi (Japan) vs Lucky Kid (Germany)

Joe Coffey (Scotland) vs Michael Elgin (Canada)

Rest of the World Finalist #2 vs USA Finalist #1

Bad Bones (Germany) vs Penta El Zero M (Mexico)

Will Ospreay (England) vs Rey Mysterio (Mexico)

Mike Bailey (Canada) vs Rest of the World Finalist #1

The winners of these matches will progress to the Quarter Finals which will be held at Manchester’s Bowlers Exhibition Centre on August 24, before WCPW returns to his spiritual home of Newcastle for the Semi-Finals & Finals in Newcastle’s Sport Central on August 26.

However, the brackets are not yet complete as the USA & Rest of the World are yet to have their qualifiers. The USA Qualifiers will take place at Bowlers Exhibition Centre on July 21 and will see Ricochet vs Matt Sydal, James Storm vs Keith Lee (Replacing Cody Rhodes who unfortunately will be unable to compete), David Starr vs Bobby Fish & Moose vs Jay Lethal.

The Rest of the World Qualifiers will be held in Newcastle on July 22 and will see Mark Davis (Australia) vs Travis Banks (New Zealand), Tom La Ruffa (France) vs Jurn Simmons (Netherlands), Angelico (South Africa) vs Icarus (Hungary) & Flash Morgan Webster (Wales) vs RJ Singh (India).

The Author’s Take:

So far, the Pro Wrestling World Cup has been fantastic, an innovative concept bringing the best wrestlers in the world together, using a World Cup concept that gives the tournament a sense of ‘real competition’ that is so often lacking in Pro Wrestling today. A huge credit to WCPW for going through with this idea and keeping the shows Free in Full on their YouTube channel, especially after the awful demonetization of Wrestling content on YouTube; they deserve all the credit in the world for it.

Some key matches to look forward to in the future are definitely Ricochet vs Matt Sydal in the USA Qualifiers; with two of the best high flyers in the world today this match is sure to amaze fans the world over. in the Round of 16, BOSJ Winner KUSHIA vs Kenny Williams should be an incredible match, Joe Coffey vs Michael Elgin pits two of the best ‘Big Men’ in the world against one another in what should be an incredibly hard-hitting match, Bad Bones vs Penta El Zero M poses a great contrast of styles but the highlight is certainly Will Ospreay vs Rey Mysterio; both men possibly the best high flyers of their generation, this match alone is worth tuning in for.

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