As most of our readers know, Paige and Alberto El Patron f.k.a Alberto Del Rio have been having relationship problems leading to an investigation into an alleged domestic abuse incident. posted on Twitter a video that was sent in by a viewer showing Alberto El Patron and Paige attending a soccer match arm in arm.  This video can be seen below.

As of this writing, Alberto El Patron is still under investigation for the alleged domestic incident.  Audio that was leaked of the argument between El Patron and Paige can be found here.  Paige has since admitted that she was the aggressor in the argument at Orlando International Airport when she threw a drink at him.  Orlando police do confirm that El Patron is still the only party under investigation for the incident.

I’ve always enjoyed Paige and El Patron in the ring, but this situation is very damaging to either party’s non-kayfabe character.  It’s very destructive to be always in the limelight for situations like this, and we will see what happens when this investigation is complete.  As for now, this story is still developing…


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