If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you know who Kevin Owens is. And if you know who Kevin Owens is, you know that he plays the heel role very well and loves to troll the fans. During a Live Event Thursday night, the New Face of America was back at it again.

Owens was on his way to the ring when  a fan started calling him out, asking him where his “belt” was. KO, who recently lost the United States Championship to AJ Styles at a house show at Madison Square Garden, was none too pleased with the fan’s description of the championship and let him know it.

Fortunately for us, someone caught it on video and you could hear Owens tell the fan that “It’s not a belt. It’s a title, dumbass.”

That is classic Kevin Owens right there and it is certainly not the first time he has trolled fans. In fact, here is a list of some of his best trolls and responses to fans on Twitter.

Owens is not the only wrestler to let fans know the proper term for a championship. WWE is very particular with how their titles are referred to and CM Punk let a young fan know that during an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show during his 434-day run as WWE Champion in 2011.

I am sure Owens will get some kind of reprimand from the higher ups in the company, especially if this video generates views like I am sure it will. But, Owens usually takes the bad with the good and everyone knows just how good of a heel he is.

Now, whether he gets the United States Championship back is a totally different story.

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