He’s got the whoooole world.. in his hands. Well he had the whole world in his hands. Flash back to the end of 2016 and the Wyatt Family was one of the hottest things going in the WWE. Bray and Randy won the tag team titles and the there was a consensus that The Wyatt Family was IT but, what happened to Luke Harper?

There has been a “Luke Harper push on the horizon” for what seems like the last few years now. He won the IC title from Dolph Ziggler and then immediately lost it back to him. He and Eric Rowan were a good team and put on some great matched with The Usos, but never seemed to get over the hump. He got teamed right back up with Bray Wyatt again and The Wyatt Family was back and better than ever. Cue Randy Orton entering the family. Randy stole what little momentum Harper had. A Bray Wyatt title win and Randy Orton Rumble victory later, Luke Harper is back on his own. He almost landed a WWE title opportunity and then it was downhill from there. Why? Why does a guy with so much talent keep constantly getting pushed back down the card.


It seems now that he is an afterthought. After defeating Eric Rowan at Backlash 2017 he has done nothing of relevance. You don’t know when he may show up on Smackdown to lose to Jinder Mahal. Which is the last thing did. In an interview with FOX SPORTS wrestling Icon (yeah i said it) Daniel Bryan had this to say “I think that [Luke Harper is] somebody that we can utilize better. When he left the Wyatt Family, I thought the fans were really starting to get behind him – and his match with Randy Orton, gosh, I loved his match with Randy Orton.”


He should be at least pursuing a mid-card title. There is no reason he should not me at near the top of the card every month. A man with his size, look, and ability should be feuding for the US title at least. He and AJ Style put on a great match in their Number 1 contenders match. I would love to see it again. If you agree with me sign the petition here! https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/push-luke-harper.html






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