According to Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt is set to heat up for a main event push, the beginnings of which may unfold on the 7/17/2017 edition of Monday Night Raw.

According to Bray Wyatt may finally be honing in on another main event push. We saw A fued heat up between the former champ and former Universal Champion Finn Bàlor upon  his arrival at RAW after his SDlive run ended, this however was quickly scrapped as both men would be needed to participate in the Fatal 5 Way match at WWE Extreme Rules.

After the conclusion of the short lived fued we saw another ignite between Wyatt and Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins that resulted in the former Wyatt Family patriarch going over Rollins at WWE Great Balls of Fire and again on the following night at RAW and the fued ending.

According to our sources at cagesideseats Balor and Wyatt will face off again, the beginnings of which may play out on the 7/17/2017 edition of Monday Night Raw, if this is true we will likely be seeing Bray and the Demon King fued untl the culmination which would likely be at WWE Summerslam, while it’s likely WWE will protect Balor after his injury last year if we are to believe Bray is getting a well deserved push we should see the Wyatt Family founder go over Balor and likely head to WWE No Mercy where we can expect to see Wyatt take on Brock Lesnar for his WWE Universal Championship.

Authors take:

While it’s most likely that Finn Balor will go over Wyatt at this years summer spectacle, WWE Summerslam, Bray Wyatt making quick work of his fued with Seth Rollins is A big indication that the former champ is being heated up by officials for another major title run as it seems, at least for now, that Finn is out of the Universal Title picture at the time.

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