Impact Wrestling has been under the spotlight for a multitude of reasons recently. From the name change, Alberto El Patron in general, and the Broken fiasco, Impact has had its hands full. On June 19th, both Al Snow and Shane Helms were gone from Impact. Recently, Shane was interviewed by ProwrestlingSheet about why he left Impact.

Helms said: “I think the technical term is bovine defecation. The street term is bullshit.” This bovine defecation Shane mentions is a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include finances, the Anthem/Broken deal, and him trying to bring in new talent. About finances, Shane comments that Impact was not willing to spend money to bring in stars. “Ever since I’ve been there I was trying to new talent,” and “I would hear, ‘Well, we don’t know if he’s going to move the needle.’ I heard that a couple times about certain guys and I’m like, ‘Well of course. If you want to bring in big stars, that costs money. If you want to bring in people that’s unknown they’re not going to move the needle. What do you want me to do? If you want new guys then we have to bring them in.’”


Shane was also getting heat from the Anthem/Hardy situation, saying he would get texts from Impact officials asking him if he knew anything. Helms also stated that in the very beginning, the Broken gimmick was all Matt. “Creatively, especially in the initial launch, it was a hundred percent Matt. Jeff started helping, and of course Jeremy Borash helped them with his part of it. People that got involved, we all chipped in a little bit.”


Shane had some interesting things to say about Jeff Jarrett as well. “I don’t really think he (Jarrett) comes up with anything. I think he kind just sits back and lets the other ideas (come up) and tries to nitpick and pick the best one and take credit for it. That seems to be the case.” Helms also stated that Jarrett would talk to him disrespectfully over the phone, “I’m not putting up with this. And having to tell Jeff, ‘You’re not going to talk to me in-person like you’re talking to me on this phone. At least you better not.’”


Personally, I am not at all surprised by what Helms said. Impact has been under a lot of fire recently for a variety of reasons, and these comments just prove how much of a madhouse Impact Wrestling really is. I’m glad Helms decided to leave, and hopefully he can go somewhere else that will use his talent more effectively.


You can read the full transcript of the interview on What do you think about the claims Shane made against Impact and Jeff Jarrett?


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