Former NXT star Kassius Ohno made his return to WWE NXT after a 3 year hiatus this past January in A confrontation with then NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and he’s just getting started!

In a recent interview with Kassius Ohno, Formerly known as Chris Hero Ohno had the following sentiments regarding his return to WWE NXT after a three year hiatus

“My goal is the NXT championship. I want to be the guy that is the representative of this brand, and I want to take it to places it hasn’t been before,It started off the way it started off, and it’s gotten to the point it is now, but why can’t it get even bigger?

Why can’t NXT be a brand that is on par with Raw and SmackDown? It’s exciting for myself and the other guys and girls to take it forward and to push it in that direction. That’s my goal in wrestling — I always want to leave it better than I found it.”

Over the last three years Ohno has seen global main event stages and great success with PWG, but he felt that the time was right to make his return to NXT in hopes to strip Roode of his coveted title, and take the prestige of NXT to never before seen heights.

We recently saw a phenomenal match between NXT star Aleister Black and Ohno, who have actually worked together quite a bit in the past, in his interview with ESPN Ohno had the following comments about his old friend ” you’ve got a guy like Aleister Black, who, the first time I met him, had zero tattoos,It’s like my career has been put into a blender, and when you pour it out, it’s just a little bit of everything here.”

Whether or not Ohno will capture NXT gold is yet to be seen, but from the reaction of the fans at Kassius Ohno’s January 5th return to NXT who chanted “Welcome Back, Welcome back” it looks like he was missed, and is being welcomed at least, by the WWE Universe.

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