After weeks of buildup and speculation, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle finally revealed his big secret to the shock of the WWE Universe.

Kurt’s run as Raw General Manager has been going superbly, but he’s been shrouded in controversy. A few months ago Corey Graves showed Kurt Angle some mysterious text messages, and Kurt noted that the information within the messages could ruin his career and personal life.Fans have been theorizing what exactly Kurt’s been hiding, and this week on Raw he finally revealed his big secret to the world.  Angle made his way to the ring and admitted that while he was in college, he dated a woman, and he recently found out that she gave birth to his son after their last date. Kurt Angle goes on to say he was unaware of the pregnancy, and the birth, and that his son was put up for adoption. Angle then bragged about the boy’s numerous accomplishments saying that he was a great athlete and a great student. Kurt then introduced his son Jason Jordan and said he’s the newest member of the Raw Roster. Jordan came down to the ring in a suit and they hugged, then Kurt Angle held up Jordan’s hand and they celebrated together to end the segment.

After Monday Night Raw was over, the newly reacquainted father and son sat down for an interview with Renee Young. Jordan revealed that he learned Kurt Angle was his biological father by hiring a Private Investigator who got him in touch with his birth mother. Jason says that he was determined to do anything he could to find out the identity of his birth parents.

This segment received mixed reactions from the WWE Universe but i believe this could boost Jason Jordan’s career. He’s already got the look that Vinnie Mac likes(He is black so that’s not totally set in stone) and being attached to Kurt Angle doesn’t hurt your chances either. A potential Father-Son Rivalry/Match down the line could make for an entertaining program. This storyline is one that needs proper time to set in.

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