The secret that RAW General Manager Kurt Angle was hiding from the past few months was finally revealed by him last night on RAW. Former American Alpha Member, Jason Jordan was revealed as the son of Kurt Angle.

This storyline took place because of a few reasons. WWE wanted to bring Jason Jordan on the RAW Roster. It is also reported that WWE Creative had no long term plans for American Alpha so they decided to split them up and make them individual wrestlers. Jason is seen as a top talent by the creative team. They saw he was going nowhere being part of a tag team on Smackdown and wanted to push him so they decided to push him this way.

WWE Creative has big plans for Jason Jordan that is why he was brought on the RAW Brand. It is expected that he will eventually be given a mid card title run while they still don’t have any big plans for Chad Gable who is more likely to be a mid card individual on Smackdown.