Chris Jericho is a staple of WWE at this point, and has been for the last 15+ years. With Jericho currently being on tour with his band Fozzy, the question is how long until we see him back inside a WWE ring?

Y2J’s career really has been remarkable in the ring. Behind the scenes, he continued to prove why people call him the Aotollya of Rock n Rolla.  Jericho took a break from WWE earlier this year in order to tour with his band Fozzy this summer. As it turns out, they’ve done very well for themselves. with Fozzy’s tour of Europe set to being in England on the 27th of October and won’t end until the 18th of November in Belgium. The music video for Fozzy’s hit “Judas” has become a viral sensation on YouTube and they’ve been rocking out to screaming fans for the entire summer of their tour.

Once Fozzy’s tour is over I suspect Jericho will take some time off to rest and recover after the tour. although with Survivor Series set to take place on the 19th of November in Texas could we possibly see the savior of the WWE make a surprise appearance at the show.

Jericho recently took on NXT Superstar Hideo Itami on June 30th in Japan as a once off match while he was still on tour with Fozzy. The former World Champion had no problem losing to Itami clean after Itami hit him with the Go To Sleep(GTS).

After the amazing 2016/17 Chris Jericho had with “The List” gimmick and his amazing paring with Kevin Owens, I for one cannot wait to see the former 9 time IC champion return to a WWE ring, whether that be at the Survivor Series or later down the line, possibly the Royal Rumble? the sooner Jericho returns to a WWE ring the better, maybe just maybe he might get one more run at the top with a world title.

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