“The Lunatic Fringe” that name really doesn’t work for Dean Ambrose, does it? I mean seriously, he’s more over than Roman Reigns. Look at the pops he was receiving last year, especially when he captured the WWE Title and the crowd was happy for him.

Dean Ambrose was receiving bigger pops in 2016, more than Roman Reigns was. Could you imagine? Vince McMahon who wants Roman Reigns as “the guy” who gets zero support from the WWE Universe but, “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose was actually more over than Roman Reigns. I’m not bashing on “The Guy” at all, I’m stating a simple fact.

As we all know, WWE are pushing for the nickname “The Lunatic Fringe” to work for Dean Ambrose, but it doesn’t seem to be working. As honest as I can be, the nickname will only work if they turn him heel. Think about it, Dean Ambrose turns heel and causes chaos and can actually live up to the name “The Lunatic Fringe” instead of being a face that is stuck in a feud with The Miz that just seems to be dragging out more and more each week.

I feel sorry for Dean Ambrose in this case as he can play off being a heel so well, look when he was in The Shield when they debuted and was playing as the bad guys. Dean played the bad guy well but now he’s going solo, I don’t see the good guy persona going much further. If WWE don’t pull the trigger and make him a heel now to let him reach his full potential and live up to the name “The Lunatic Fringe”.

This, however is my opinion. If there is other fans of Dean Ambrose, what do you guys think?

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