This Sunday at Battleground, WWE CHAMPION Jinder Mahal will defend his title for the 2nd and probably final time against Randy Orton . As announced weeks ago on SD Live tho , this match will be just the 3rd ever Punjabi Prison match. This was added to increase attention for the match as people’s care for this feud is low . With that said , we know WWE’s purpose , but will it actually work?

Back on May 21st at Backlash , WWE did something that no one expected or even wanted,  give Jinder the WWE Championship . As made clear even on TV , that was because of the new deal WWE made with India . They had a rematch at Money In The Bank which was basically the same as their first . We all thought and hoped that was the end , but as we now know , that’s not the case . They will have their 3rd and hopefully final match in the Punjabi Prison,  which to me does close to nothing.

One big problem with this feud to me is that in my opinion it has made the WWE Title look like the least important one in the company . The feud has really been built more over Jinder’s Indian background than the title itself . For the sake of the title , this feud NEEDS to end . I assume Jinder wins the match , but if Randy does win,  I see Corbin cashing in after and set up maybe a Triple Threat at Summerslam . Thats probably the best thing to do since unless they continue feud with Nakamura,  Corbin , Jinder,  and Randy have no direction after Sunday . Back to the match,  the rarity of the stipulation is definently helpful,  but I don’t think It does enough to get to the prestige the title match should have . I like that they are trying to build the match as much as possible , but the feud has been badly long and it might be too late . Sorry if you like the feud but it just something that needs to be deleted , no pun intended .

Let us know what you think, are you excited for this match or don’t care?

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