Last year John Cena came back to cable TV, but not to compete in the ring, instead we saw the sixteen time world champion meet Rob Schneider in a grocery store, well after a year the champ is back.

The champ is here! Well that is if “here” is the garbage bag isle of your local grocery store.  Last year Hefty Bags brought John on in a thirty second commercial spot in which he and Happy Madison star Rob Schneider exchanged a few comments over their perspective choice of trash bags, that resulted in Schneider being ran over by an elderly woman in an automated cart.

Well it’s been a year and the champ has returned to Hefty, only this time it’s to save A customer, from his mother? That’s right, in the new cable spot we see Cena’s mother Carol slap a mighty impressive camel clutch on the unsuspecting gentlemen for choosing Wimpy brand bags instead of Hefty. Luckily for the young man Cena is near by and comes to his aid.

This was a great spot for Carol as John’s father, and well known indie staple,  John Cena Sr. has been a key storyline element throughout his sons WWE career, while most often his mother watched on cautiously from the sidelines.

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