Rey Mysterio could be returning anytime soon. But who should he face once he’s back?

Neville has been Cruiserweight Champion since the Royal Rumble in January. A lot happened since then and many contenders didn’t defeat him. Austin Aries, Rich Swann and TJP didn’t do it. Okay, Tozawa still has another chance pretty soon but let’s be honest. I’m pretty sure that everyone thinks that Neville goes out with the win.
So what is next for Neville? He is the ultimate heel so it would be logical if he would face the ultimate face! And the face i’m talking about is Rey Mysterio!

Who is Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio Jr. started wrestling in 1989 and debuted in ECW in 1995. Soon he was known for his high-flying. In 1996 he started at WCW and challenged the Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko. That’s also the place where Mysterio took on his real-life friend Eddie Guerrero in a Title vs. Mask match. In 1999 there was a time where he competed with his mask off. Something he refused to do for so many years. After WCW has been sold, he went to the independent scene until june 2002 where he signed a WWE-contract.

There he would become a 4-time Tag Team Champion, 3-Time World Champion, 3-Time Cruiserweight Champion, 2-Time Intercontinental Champion and in 2006, he even won the Royal Rumble.

On February 26, 2015, WWE announced that Mysterio’s contract had expired.

During an interview with “Title Match Wrestling” he said that he would be open for a return to WWE.

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