With a two out of three falls match and the rematch between Daivari and Tozawa, is this a great edition of 205 Live? Let’s see what happened and what will happen.

That match between Gulak and Ali was amazing. It had a little bit of everything. Ali stole the first fall by beating Gulak at his own game. Gulak won the next fall by submission, then after a lot of back and forth Gulak climbed to the middle rope and after a bout of indecisiveness he ended up receiving a frankensteiner and 054 for the third fall (that reverse 450 is a thing of beauty). That was one of the best 205 Live matches we have had on the show. Brian Kendrick got himself a victory over a default English jobber. One who just happened to from Manchester, England. He pretended it was the Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Easy win for Kendrick. TJP feels bad after his actions last week. Friendly competition going on here, next week he and Rich Swann each pick a partner and we will get a tag team match. In his quest for redemption after Titus stopped the match last night on Raw, Akira Tozawa threw everything at Daivari in a match that would have been stopped if Titus were there.  In the end Daivari wasn’t enough and Tozawa pulled off the victory with a roll up, but did he have a handful of trunks? Daivari assaulted Tozawa after the match. As Corey Graves said, “All that matters is Daivari is the one left standing.”

Oh man that match between Gulak and Ali was great and shows what the cruiserweight division could and should be. Given enough time they can steal any show. It was better than any match on Raw or Smackdown this week. I myself, am just not into this competition between TJP and Rich Swann. I haven’t been into anything TJP has done though. Cedric Alexander is who I want to see, and he was nowhere to be seen this week. Why can’t he be the guy to knock off Neville? The one match those two have had together on TV was amazing. Cedric went move for move with Neville. Kendrick and Gentleman Jack is hopefully leading to a great match between them on 205 Live. I am very interested to see where this Tozawa and Titus Brand story is going. Is this perhaps leading toward a heel stable? Maybe.

I can’t wait for next week when I assume we will get Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, Neville, and Gentleman Jack. Is Tozawa going to get another match for the Cruiserweight Championship? Is the feud between Cedric and Noam Dar really over? Maybe we will get all the answers and more next week on Raw and 205 LIVE!

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